About Us

Ccliique started initially with a page called "Candy & Style".  The Owner always received compliments on her Style, Appearance, and sense of having a Sweet Tooth, lol.  Yes- she loves candy to the max; but one day she took it up a notch and just decided to combine the two together in creating digital graphics that matched her complete style.   


A little background into "Cheneal"

She's a Savvy Computer Engineer, Graphical Designer, Digital Artist, and all around Cultural Advocate for LGBTQ+ as well as Men & Women of Color.




She was also featured on the KDKA news station of Pittsburgh for the promotion of Ccliique's Graphic on Tshirts and Chip Bags. 


With a West Indie background, she tends to enjoy the versatility in being able to design from any spectrum. Her designs and patterns are a mixture of different cultural influences ranging from Africa, Dominica, Haiti, Barbados, and many other Isles of the Caribbean.  Creating custom products to ensure her customers are showered with only the best in Designs, Gear, Graphics, and Merchandise.  



 Welcome, to the Boutique of Design!